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To receive Free TV you need to have purchased a Digital TV Pass. The Digital TV Pass provides access to over 15 channels in digital quality picture and sound on the free-to-view digital terrestrial and digital satellite platforms.
The Digital TV Pass usually costs 1,500 Naira per Set Top Box and is purchased annually.
The first year’s Digital TV Pass is free  when you purchase a FreeTV Set Top Box for 1,500 Naira.

Dependent on where you live in relation to your nearest television transmitter and the strength of the signal you can receive to your home, you may need to buy a new antenna or use an exsiting one. Typically, if you live near to a transmitter mast, most internal antennas will be suitable to receive the full range of Free TV channels and services.
If you live further away from a transmitter and are not receiving a good digital signal, you may need to arrange an external antenna installation. Most electrical retailers where you can buy FreeTV set top boxes have installers affiliated to them who can assist you. There are lots of great deals for antenna’s and installers out there – contact your nearest electrical retailer for more information..

Free TV is available via both the free-to-view Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platforms and the Digital Satellite (DSAT) platforms.To watch Free TV on DTT you will need a digital terrestrial set-top-box and a suitable internal or external antenna.
To watch Fee TV on DSAT you will a digital satellite set top box, satellite dish and LNB. If you are not sure what is the best solution for where you live we recommend you contact your nearest retailer or installer for advice.